The Ethereal Collection

by Josie Moyce

Inspired by the shapes, textures and colours associated with outer space, The Ethereal Collection features 6 brand new products which pay tribute to our intriguing galaxy; from Alya the beautiful double star, to Venus the second brightest natural object in the night sky! 

Holographic Galaxy

This pack is inspired by the galaxy! A system of stars, black holes, cosmic rays, space dust and dark matter.

A collection of 18 holographic and gold, galaxy-inspired cosmetic stickers and face gems. Our Holographic Galaxy pack gives you complete freedom to create your own look and be as bold as you want.

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Opal Ophelia

Inspired by planet Uranus and it’s many moons, Ophelia is one of 27 moons surrounding the beautiful blue planet.

This gorgeous all in one face gem design is made up of iridescent jewels with striking blue and coral holographic stickers. This is an easy way to create an out of this world beauty look in seconds!

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Gold Alya

Inspired by the magnificent double star Alya which is a beautiful set of glowing yellow stars approximately 86 light-years, from the Sun.

This pack is made from a mix of delicate iridescent and gold sparkling gems. Gold Alya features one straight headpiece design, two eye gems and two brow gems to transform your makeup looks.

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Pastel Lunar

Lunar comes from the Latin word luna, meaning moon. The Roman goddess of the moon is called Luna

The Pastel Lunar Face Gem is an amazing glittered headpiece design made up of iridescent pastel gems. Inspired by the moon and dreamy nights, the Pastel Lunar is the must-have headpiece this season!

Top Tip: This design looks amazing upside down and placed under the hairline too!

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Gold Astra

Inspired by the Astra Planeta, the gods of the five wandering stars.

The Gold Astra face gem pack combines metallic gold stickers and golden face gems to create an intricate star headpiece and eye jewel design.

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Opal Venus

Inspired by the planet Venus and named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. The planet Venus is the second-brightest natural object in the night sky after the Moon!

Made from holographic stickers and iridescent gems. This stunning bold and yet intricate gem and sticker design is our most versatile pack yet; wear as boob gems, intricate shoulder pads, as a chestpiece or face gem.

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