by Josie Moyce

At IN YOUR DREAMS we've been working hard to reduce our impact on the environment. First up we launched our range of Biodegradable glitters which are an eco-friendly alternative to standard cosmetic glitter. Made from plant-derived materials rather than polyester these glitters biodegrade into harmless substances in the natural environment. The cellulose used (from hardwoods, primarily eucalyptus) are also responsibly sourced from certified plantations. All our bio glitters come in recyclable and reusable pots.

Currently available in this range are the Eutopia Bio Glitter StackAqua TripGolden Mirage and Rose Gold Rush. Earlier this year we extended our range to include the Cosmic Purple Unicorn, a bio version of our most popular standard glitter which flew off the shelves so fast we're currently out of stock and awaiting our next delivery. 

We didn't stop there, as well as a wider range of bio glitters in the pipeline we also wanted to make sure that our face gems were as environmentally friendly as possible. All our face gem packaging is recyclable but we wanted to go one step further and encourage you to reuse your gems, that’s why every face gem order will come with a FREE In Your Dreams cotton pouch for you to keep your gems safe so you can wear them again and again.

Don’t have a need to wear your face gems again? We’ve launched our #REUSEREJEWEL campaign to inspire you to reuse your gems in different ways. Below are just a few of our ideas but fear not we’ve got so many dreamy ideas to come!


Use any style of hair clip that you have lying around, we love the Boots Barrette Hair clips because there's plenty of room to get creative! Use tweezers and superglue to secure the gems to the clip and leave to dry overnight. Top tip: If you want even more sparkle add some of your favourite bio glitter too! 


Use a clear or plain coloured phone case and apply the gems using superglue and tweezers. You can get super creative with the design or stick to one colour for the entire phone case. Leave to dry overnight. We used the Pastel Lunar and Opal Venus gems to create our one of a kind Iphone phone cases. 


You may have seen us at festivals and events wearing our amazing embellished Dreamer jackets by Kimberley-Anne Create. Kim uses our old gems to add some sparkle to our In Your Dream uniforms and we just can't get enough of them! Take inspiration from Kim and create your own embellished clothing or be sure to get in touch with her for bespoke designs! 

We'd love to see your ideas of how to REUSEREJEWEL using our products, tag us in your pics @itsinyourdreams xx