Meet The Dream Team!

by Ellis-Paige Richardson

Ever wondered who's behind all the magic happening at IN YOUR DREAMS HQ?! We thought it's about time that we showcase the team that makes the dream work...

Aside from being covered in glitter and embellishments the majority of the time we also have an amazingly hard working office team who dedicate time and effort into making sure everything runs smoothly both here in the UK and also in Ibiza...

To allow our blog readers and customers to get to know the team on a personal level we asked everyone a few of their favourite things and best moments throughout their time working with IN YOUR DREAMS.

First up we've got the ultimate dream queen Madeline (@madelinegriffiths) the CEO and founder of IN YOUR DREAMS...Madeline originally started the business in 2011 after coming from an illustration and graphic design background and has continued to create beautiful illustrations which eventually turn into IN YOUR DREAMS products!


Maddy, what’s your favourite part about being such a big part of the dream team?

"Two things!

Firstly, I love the positive energy from my team, it keeps me going! I get so bogged down in the operations and running the business, it’s so uplifting to see new designs created from the ever growing community of dreamers. I can see that they all inspire, support and motivate each other!

Secondly, I love the process of working with suppliers and designing a product, although there are many constraints (money) and ALOT of issues, the learning curve has been immensely rewarding."

So what’s your favourite IYD memory so far?

"Probably one of our first shoots which we did in Ibiza at Tahnee’s house back in 2014. I could see then that we had some thing special, there were no other companies offering a service like ours with a complementary product range like ours! Also there is something about Ibiza that always calms me and although our trips over there are often super busy with training, shoots and meetings, they are very balancing. I get a fresh perspective on the business, where we are and what needs to improve!"

Next up holding down the UK side of the dream team, eventing and festivals is Roisin (@rrroisin) our very own Events Director. Roisin has been working alongside Madeline since the very beginning and has watched IN YOUR DREAMS continue to grow and progress over time.


Ro, what’s your favourite part about being such a big part of the dream team?

"Probably how creative and innovative the brand is. I can see that we have influenced the embellishment trend massively with our products and designs which is a good feeling! I love being able to learn the ins and outs of how such a creative business works and I'm getting a massive insight into all aspects of running a business.

And of course, I love our beautiful team!"

What are you most looking forward to with IYD this year?

"I'm looking forward to meeting some incredible new make up artists at our training days in London and Ibiza. They're always such fun days because we can all get stuck in creating looks and I'm always so impressed with the new dreamers talents. We have some insanely exciting events coming up so as well as our current amazing team, we need to expand!

I'm also VERY excited to the very special products we're launching in July..."

Due to social media now playing such a huge part of everyone’s daily lives we like to keep all of our pages looking current and up to date with content! For that we have the lovely Laionie (@dreaminsars) as our Digital Content Manager who works alongside the rest of the team collecting content from our talented artists and working on things such as competitions and brand collaborations.


What’s your favourite part about being such a big part of the dream team?!

"The creative freedom to work doing the things I love and feel passionate about! Seeing things grow from an idea to the end result and having an input on the creative processes alongside an inspirational team of dreamers!✨"

Next up is the newest member of our ever growing family…Charlotte! (@charlottethreadwell) Over the past year we’ve expanded the team in order to allow us to attend more events and festivals throughout the year and create new possibilities for the business as well as the dream team. Charlottes role at IYD HQ is being our administrative assistant, working with both Roisin and Madeline making sure everything runs smoothly!


So what are you most looking forward to with IYD this year Charlotte?

"I'm looking forward to my first festival season with IYD! This is such a big part of what inspires the brand and I can't wait to see the team come together in such a fun environment. I'm also looking forward to seeing so many people wear the products we have been working on for so long!"

Lastly on the UK side of things is the face behind the blogs…I’m Ellis! (@ellispaige_)
I’ve now been part of the dream team for 2 years and have loved every second of it. I firstly started off as an IN YOUR DREAMS artist but last year I also took on the role of managing the blog as well as creating social media content doing creative and festival style makeup looks.


What’s my favourite thing about being a big part of the dream team?

Definitely the other artists! It’s so nice to be able to work with a team of people who constantly inspire and uplift one another.

Working with IN YOUR DREAMS lets me have the ability to be creative as I want with my style of makeup and has definitely pushed me to improve and refine my makeup skills.

As well as having our office team we're incredibly lucky to have a huge team of truly talented makeup artists and creatives who head out to IN YOUR DREAMS events all year round and create stunning looks which you can check out over on our Instagram! (@itsinyourdreams)
We can't thank our team of artists enough for all of their hard work year round and we love having each and every one of you as part of the artistry team.



Now onto sunny Ibiza!

Ibiza Chief Dreamer Tahnee brought IN YOUR DREAMS to Ibiza four years ago; a match made in heaven. IN YOUR DREAMS Ibiza has gone from strength to strength with residencies at some of the best parties on the island like Glitterbox at Hi Ibiza, and Guy Gerber’s Rumors. When Queen T isn’t sparkling celebrities at exclusive villa parties and the like, she is a singing siren in the amazing band the Musical Mermaids. (@tahneeleeibiza_)(@musicalmermaids)


What are you most looking forward to with IYD this year?
"This year I'm very excited to announce that I've asked Roisin and Laura to be my left and right arm. I'm so excited about having my Dream sisters working so closely with me! 

Not only am I looking forward to lightening my work load; but equally I can't wait to see what their unique skills sets brings to IN YOUR DREAMS Ibiza. I know that their creativity and enthusiasm will inject new life and I can't wait to reflect on how we have expanded at the end of the season with three as the magic number! :)

I'm also very excited about taking our brand on tour; lots of exciting events coming up this year. Look out for mine and Katy Gill's instastory takeover from Mallorca and Marbella in July!"

Due to being in high demand over in Ibiza, Tahnee has also enlisted our next two members of the dream team…Laura and Roisin. Their job role is to assist Tahnee as Dream Team Managers allowing every season to be more and more successful!

Ibiza Dream Manager Roisin is a next level creative! Her truly incredible embellishment and paint work have to be seen to be believed. ( We are lucky to have such a unique and incredible talent managing the Ibiza Dream Team! 


What’s your favourite IYD memory so far Roisin?

"I have a couple! one would be In your dreams Ibiza went to Thailand this winter and we did an insta story takeover from this insane venue up on a cliff in the middle of this rainforest jungle so that was pretty cool.

Another top memory would be Halloween at Atzzaro! Halloween is my fave day of the year. I love it more than Christmas and my birthday combined. I'm also a massive geek and plan my Halloween costume months and months in advance. I love it when people make an effort so I just loved how incredibly sparkly and scary all the dreamers were and getting to create elaborate looks on all our friends from the lsland was so much fun! It was the best end to the best season!"

Alongside managing the Ibiza Dreamers, Laura keeps us up to date on all things Ibiza...blogging the on-island antics as the team smash another summer. Check out her handmade hedonistic headgear ( on her online store


Laura, what are you most looking forward to with IYD this year?

"I've spent the last couple of months Stateside, it’s been amazing to take IN YOUR DREAMS and the Walking Illusion Collection to some Miami Music Week and Coachella events! So truthfully, the thing I am most looking forward to is getting back to Ibiza and spreading the new biodegradable sparkles all over the magical island!"

We just want to quickly doth our Dreamer Hats to the core Ibiza Dream Team. (Just wait until you see the /IN YOUR DREAMS collaboration Military Hats for this Summer!) The girls were asked their favourite IYD product/signature look and to describe the Island in one word…

Katy (@katygillmua) // Make up artist to the stars describes Ibiza as SPECIAL!
"I love the Bio glitter; it makes me feel good knowing that I’m making a positive difference to the environment I live in and love so much."

Similarly, Natalie is "all about our guilt-free bio glitter!" Ibiza in one word to her - BLOODYMARVELLOUS! Hairdresser, MUA and designer - no end to her talents….check out her incredible (@deafeneddecorum) wares at

Katie (@ibiza_bubble) - brand new Dream Mama; congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous boy Phoenix! She LOVES IN YOUR DREAMS Gold Lileth glitter as it delivers "decadent sparkliness in an instant!" Her word for Ibiza is BOHEMIAN! 

Lauren (@ljbmakeup) ...another incredible Ibiza make up artist we are lucky enough to have on our team. "I adore all of the Walking Illusion Collection and Ibiza is FABULOUS!" Just like her work…

Kati ( likes to use her incredible paint skills to create her signature jewelled headpieces with intricate paint detailing. "Ibiza for me is PARADISE."

Dreamer Rosanna loves creating jewelled chest pieces and describes the Island as MAGICAL - just like her amazing illustrations -

Laura describes her native island as ENCHANTING. "I love creating white mendhi looks on my hands, body and face and embelishing with IN YOUR DREAMS gems."
Laura has also modelled for us, what a beauty! (@laurabsmeets)

Hattie makes all of our dreamy Videos… (@hattiephotography)  "I love that there are no rules to the face gems; you can create so many different looks. My absolute favourite are the Midnight Moon gems. My word for Ibiza is HOME. We welcome all people on the island with open becomes your home for however long you stay."

You’ll get to see Hattie’s latest In Your Dreams Ibiza collaboration in Laura’s next blog, featuring the IN YOUR DREAMS Training Day 2018.  

We hope you've loved hearing more from the team that makes In Your Dreams what it is today and we can't wait to showcase more of our ever growing family in the future!