Meet our new AW products

by Waithera Mwangi

We are happy to share that we have two new additions to our shapeshifter collection:

Luna JEWEL and Metallic NOCTULES

The collection is inspired by transformation in nature like the most magical, transformative and fascinating creature; the butterfly. This collection allows for simple and easy application and can be for simple jewel looks or full autumn/winter party looks!

Halloween is around the corner and this collection will be the perfect ingredient for your transformation this scary season!

Luna Jewels, Jewelled Eye Liners

SHOP £9.75



This pack is part of the Shapeshifter Collection inspired by the beautiful Luna Moth.

The luna moth whose name is an ode to the moon, embodies not only the full moon in its pale majesty, but also the new moon in its unrevealed potential and is miraculous in all its phases.

There are 3 pairs of iridescent Eye Jewels in this pack, the jewels are to be worn like eyeliner or around the eyes and brows.

This stunning pack of 3 eye jewels meets all your euphoria needs this season.

Metallic Noctule, Bat Wing Stickers




This limited edition Halloween pack of gold and black metallic and glitter bat wing stickers for Halloween looks this season.

This pack is inspired by the Noctule bat, the noctule has a black face, ears and wings, but the fur on its body is a golden colour.