IYD X Nike - The Glitter Pack

by Josie Moyce

We absolutely loved working with Office this month on the launch of the latest Nike pack which features a collection of gorgeous trainers with glitter detailing and pumice hues!... I know, could they be any more of a perfect match for In Your Dreams!

We worked with Office and Nike by styling their incredible models with glitter make-up to match their sparkly trainers, and create the ultimate on trend party looks. To recreate these make-up looks, just follow the steps below: (Hello, trainer pun!)

Make-up Look 1: Scattered jewels in eyebrows and under eyes (right)

-Step one: Apply a smokey eye and moody lip

-Step two: Go in with your highlighter and use In Your Dreams Ultra Illusion to create an iridescent base for glitter on your cheekbones.

-Step three: Gently spray on In Your Dreams Sunkissed Glow Fine Glitter Mist on to your highlight areas and then press in the glitter using your fingers or a brush. This will give you a gorgeous subtle glow.

-Step four: Using jewels from the In Your Dreams Gold Alya pack, peel off individual jewels and glue them down using Duo eyelash adhesive

You can use as many or as little as you’d like, we scattered our jewels through the eyebrows and underneath the eye using different sized jewels.

Make-up Look 2: Violet eye-shadow and jewels over lid line (left)

-Step one: After your base, apply a violet eye-shadow all over the lid and underneath the eye.

-Step two: Using In Your Dreams Ultra Illusion– on your highlight areas and cupids bow to match your eyes.

-Step three: Using In Your Dreams Gold Alya pack, peel off the gems and stick them along your lid. Follow the shape of your eye socket as if you were creating a cut crease shape.

-Step four: Finish by applying a nude pink lip and apply a braid in your hair to finish this glam punk look!

Shop the full Nike collection HERE or checkout our favourites from the latest collection, the Air Force 1P-6000 and Air Max 270 React

Keep an eye on our blog for more exciting collabs with Office coming soon!