Introducing the Shapeshifter Collection

by Sarina Singh

Inspired by the most magical, transformative and fascinating creature: the butterfly. These two products are a taster and will form part of our SS22 Shapeshifters Collection, which will be released later this year. Our Shapeshifter Collection is all about butterflies and transformation. The butterfly is one of nature's perfect examples of transformation and growth, and because of this, it has long been the subject of magical folklore and legend in a variety of societies and cultures. All the products are named after butterfly species from around the world!

Iridescent Phantom

Iridescent Phantom is named after the ‘Amber Phantom’ butterfly – also known as the glass butterfly– and is known for its beautiful, translucent wings. Amber Phantom is very rare to find, as it lives in the deep forests of South America.

This brand new pack contains a pair of self adhesive eye jewels. Place these beautiful jewels around your eye with a colourful lid to achieve a Euphoria-inspired look in seconds!

Euphoria Inspired Iridescent Phantom Eye JewelsAmber Phantom ButterflyEuphoria Inspired Iridescent Phantom Eye Jewels

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Iridescent Annabella

The Iridescent Annabella design was named after the butterfly ‘Vanessa Annabella’, also called the West Coast Lady, known for the complex pattern on its wings.This pack contains a pair of self adhesive eye jewels plus small separate jewels to place around your eyes where suits! Wear these asymmetric iridescent jewels around your eyes with a graphic liner to make your eyes really pop!

Euphoria Inspired Iridescent Annabella Eye JewelsVanessa Annabella ButterflyEuphoria Inspired Iridescent Annabella Eye Jewels

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Cruelty Free, Reusable + Recyclable 

All products from our Shapeshifter Collection comes in fully recyclable packaging and all products are re-usable. Place your jewels safe in this handy cotton bag (free with every jewel purchase), ready for when re-use or up-cycle them!