How to survive a festival

by Maddie Genova

With the midst of Summer approaching what better time to dive head first in a pool of glitter and gems than making your way to a festival? Whether you’re a festival pro or a complete newbie, we’re here to make sure your experience is as fool proof as possible. Grab that glitter my fellow dreamers, it’s time to shine!

With our years of festival fun behind us we thought we'd let you in on our top tips to help you have the best time possible: 

  • Pack LIGHT. The walk to the campsite is like trekking up Everest... the walk back to your car after a festival is even worse.
  • Pack an air mattress. This is essential.
  • On the same level, IT IS ALL ABOUT A DUVET!
  • Pack a portable charger -really important- who wants to run out of battery and not be able to take pics of your 'Festi Look' each day?
  • Worried about makeup running off throughout the day? Keep your makeup looking fresh by applying with the Nanshy Makeup brushes and makeup sponges. In addition to our fav makeup brushes, we love the LA Girl coloured mascara to really give your makeup look the pop it may need. We carry all our makeup and festival glitter in a gorgeous Beautify case to keep it dirt free and all together!
  • Pack your favorite slides/flip flops to slip on and off around the tent and go to the toilets at night/morning.
  • Hangers - yes, you can hang outfits in your tent! Keep those outfits crease free by hanging them up, it also helps you to pair the perfect festival looks.
  • Try your best to be a queen at saving the environment whilst getting your groove on and bring your own bottle to use for your drinks throughout the day.
  • Take all of your face gems out of their packaging prior to the festival to save room and make sure you're not leaving litter in your tent! Also bring a little baggy to save your gems and reuse them throughout the festival, we recommend Duo eyelash glue to keep your gems sticking all day :) 
  • Battery operated fairy lights go perfectly with face gems and glitter and they'll help you stand out so your friends can find you whilst you stay looking cute.
  • One word...CHEWING GUM!
  • Don't ignore the weather forecast! We’ve all debated on ignoring the weather to save our fav festival outfit but it's really not worth it, you'll end up soggy and miserable! Our advice...carry a clear rain poncho in your bum bag, if it pours down you'll stay dry and you can still see your outfit!
  • Pack plenty of wipes. We'd love to tell you that there's luxurious showers where you can use your favourite bubbly soaps but i'm afraid a festival is not the place! Keep fresh when you can't get to the showers by using wipes. We love the Boots cucumber cleansing Wipes for getting off any makeup or glitter residue! 
  • Following the above, there's nothing worse than being surrounded by pongy festival-goers who forgot their deodrant! Make sure you're not THAT PERSON by packing your favourite deodrant and body spray to freshen up. We swear by the Yardley Bluebell Body spray which smells incredible. Dry shampoo is another must when the shower situation is just not happening. We recommend the Aussie dry shampoo to keep your hair as clean as possible! 

BUT, the most important thing off this list is our absolute essential to surviving a festival...GLITTER! We'll be at the top UK festivals this Summer so pre-book your makeover for the ultimate glitter and face gem festival makeovers! Want to create your own festival masterpieces? Use our face gems and glitter to create amazing festival looks in seconds! In addition to festival makeovers, did you know we also do hair? We've got GHD creative curl wands and stylers to give you the ultimate festival hair.