How To: Sunkissed Glow Glitter Mist

by Ellis-Paige Richardson

Welcome back dreamers and a happy new year from all of us at IYD HQ! 
We hope you're ready for another year full of exciting things from us, from new product launches to a festival filled summer.

To kickstart 2018 we're going to bring one specific In Your Dreams products in to the spotlight...and that is the Sunkissed Glow glitter puffer! We're totally obsessed with this product due to the huge variety of ways you can incorporate the fine glitter mist into your beauty regime. 

Over the past few years during the In Your Dreams summer festival tour we had a serious demand for this fine glitter mist to be made in to an actual product for the public to buy...after months of planning and testing the glitter puffer finally became part of the In Your Dreams product range in 2017!

This fine cosmetic glitter is safe for use on your face, body, nails and hair and comes with our bottle puffer applicator for even coverage. Inspired by the healthy glow only a week on the beach can give you, this glitter uses a unique blend of golden tones to bring a subtle highlighting shimmer to your look.

In this blog post we're going to showcase a few of our favourite ways to use the Sunkissed Glow, from adding a light mist over the top of a makeup look to adding the glitter on to gel nails. We love seeing the way you use our products in such creative ways so don't forget to tag us on social media for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

First up we've got Dreamteam artists Sharna (@sharnascreations) and Ellis (@ellispaige_) using the glitter mist to add a sparkling finishing touch to their intricate makeup you can see it's the perfect partner for embellished headpieces and creative makeup looks!


If you want to see more of the Sunkissed Glow glitter mist in action, check out this video from our youtube channel here and subscribe for more content and In Your Dreams updates!

Another great way to incorporate the glitter mist into your beauty regime is to sprinkle it on the nails...we totally love this idea!
Dreamteam artist Charlotte (@charfen_) always has amazing nail designs and has mixed the Sunkissed Glow glitter mist into gel polish to create these glittery nails. The glitter mist works amazingly on its own or add it into a set of mix 'n' match nails like Dreamteam artist Ellis (@ellispaige_)


As well as face and nails, the glitter mist also looks great with a jewelled chest piece or even on its own as a replacement for jewellery! Dreamteam artist Charlie (@charliecoakley) shows us how it's done with this amazing embellished chest design made up of In Your Dreams products, accompanied with the Sunkissed Glow glitter puffer on top.

Theres so many other ways to use this fabulous product and we can't wait to see your amazing creations using the Sunkissed Glow glitter mist...keep your eyes peeled for more How To's coming up over the next few months on the blog!