​How to: Easy Halloween makeup

by Ellis Richardson

As the spooky season slowly creeps up on us this October, we know you’re all starting to think of a Halloween outfit fit for any event! Can’t find anything that stands out enough?...Don’t worry gals and ghouls we’ve got you covered with some easy halloween makeup.

Mega talented Dreamteam artist Charlotte (@charfen_) has created a fabulous step by step tutorial on how to turn yourself into an IN YOUR DREAMS style ‘Queen Of Hearts’. 

1: Makeup first! Have your base and eye makeup completed before beginning the queen of hearts look. To complete this look, you’ll need IN YOUR DREAMS Desert Dusk headpieceDark Siren face gems and Spectra pressed glitter balm.

2:Using a concealer and a small brush, create heart shapes over pink toned eye makeup.

3: Set the concealer by pressing IN YOUR DREAMS pressed glitter balm in shade ‘Spectra’ over the top of the heart shapes.

4: Next up- Take a white eyeliner pencil to map out the heart shape around the face, this helps as a guide on where to add shadows. Next, using a pink eyeshadow or face paint, shade around the heart shape to add dimension and detail to the look.

5: Time for lipstick! Take a pink liquid lipstick (as bright or dark as you like) and create a heart shape in the middle of the lips, using the cupids bow as a guide. You can also go ahead and press the Spectra glitter balm over the top of the lipstick for extra sass.

6: Now for the best part…Gems.

Use IN YOUR DREAMS Dark Siren gems to start building a headpiece, and the under eye gems from the IN YOUR DREAMS Desert Dusk pack.

7: Once you’re happy with the shape of the headpiece and have added enough gems (although, is there such thing as too many gems?!) you can begin to add the signature IN YOUR DREAMS black dots to the look. These work best in clusters of even numbers.

8: the IN YOUR DREAMS Desert Dusk headpiece is super versatile and here, Charlotte shows us just one of the many ways you can wear it! She’s placed the all-in-one piece on her neck as an embellished choker…simple yet effective.

9: No Halloween look would be complete without glitter, so next up take IN YOUR DREAMS Rose Gold Rush Biodegradable glitter and place it underneath the gems, making sure the glitter fades out the further down the neck it goes. This creates a beautifully intricate neck embellishment without taking lots of time or being too complicated.

10: Final steps, add lashes and IN YOUR DREAMS Sunkissed Glow glitter puffer to complete the look…You’re now Halloween ready girl!

As well as Char’s amazing queen of hearts look, we’ve also got another blog post on Halloween makeup inspo if you’re still in need of ideas! There’s also tonnes of Halloween goodness over on our Instagram page to get you in the party spirit.

Happy Halloween from everyone at IN YOUR DREAMS HQ, we can’t wait to see all of our amazing Halloween looks!

If you recreate any of the looks created by our dreamteam artists, don’t forget to tag us on social media for a chance to be reposted!


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