How to apply glitter eyeshadow

by Josie Moyce

We absolutely love a glitter eye but there's nothing worse that getting it all over your face or in your eyes and feeling like you're a walking disco ball! 

We asked our top makeup artists how to apply glitter eyeshadow without the mess

Use a glitter primer or false lash adhesive

To ensure the glitter stays on your eyelids prep them by giving them a wipe with a face wipe or wet cotton wool to make sure they're clean, then apply a glitter primer or a false lash adhesive. We love the Eylure Lashfix which dries clear and comes in an 8.5ml bottle.

Apply the glitter gradually

Use a flat brush or your fingertip to pat the glitter onto the eye and keep building until you have the look you're aiming for. Don't just pour loads on and hope for the best. If you tilt your head back while applying this will also reduce the amount of glitter that falls onto your face. Keep your eyes closed for a few minutes when finished to allow the glitter to set.

Remove fallout

A great tip is to use some sellotape and gently dab at the glitter that has fallen on your face. The stickiness will get rid of this quickly and easily.

Finish your look 

Once your glitter eye is finished and your face is glitter free, apply the rest of your makeup as normal and finish with a setting spray.

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