Introducing...Guilt Free Glitter!

by Ellis-Paige Richardson

Since the humble beginnings of our In Your Dreams journey back in 2012 where we started on the UK festival scene as body and face painters creating intricate and unique designs for festival goers, glitter and embellishments have always been our obsession!
We quickly began to evolve and branch out, adding make up and embellishment services and finding talented makeup artists to join the team and become part of the journey. With this came the launch of our very own In Your Dreams products and in this blog post we're going to showcase our latest collection...the Waking Illusion collection.

Taking inspiration from where we started on the festival scene, we have created 3 new products themed around Coachella, a festival which is known globally for setting the standard for festival fashion and all of the most popular summer trends...meaning these new products are perfect for wearing throughout the whole festival season wherever you are in the world.

To kick off the latest collection we're very proud to announce the launch of our 3 new biodegradable glitters...this new technology is environmentally safe and made from renewable raw materials whilst still giving you the same quality shimmer as our standard glitters to have you looking fabulous and environmentally friendly at the same time!

All of our glitter products can be worn on the face, body, nails and hair so the styles you can create for the perfect festival look are endless!

Introducing... AQUA TRIP
Cosmetic glitter in a beautiful multi-dimensional mix of blues and turquoise jewel tones.


Next up...
Cosmetic glitter in a unique multi-dimensional mix of gold, silver and sandy tones


And last but definitely not least... ROSE GOLD RUSH
Cosmetic glitter in a mix of earthy coral, pink and gold multi-dimensional tones.    


As well as the stunning biodegradable glitters the Waking Illusion collection also consists of 2 new jewelled chest and head pieces. These will definitely make you stand out amongst the crowd at any festival! 
Inspired by the Californian desert where Coachella takes place each year, the Golden Valley chestpiece is made up of cascading gems in a range of pearlescent, gold and iridescent shades ready to suit any colour outfit and add that perfect bit of sure to check out our styling suggestions for each product on the shopping pages.


If you're looking for a perfect pairing for the Golden Valley jewelled Desert Dusk!

This is a jewelled headpiece made up of the same pearlescent, gold and iridescent gems also inspired by the Californian desert. Desert Dusk is an intricate tiara style design made to be worn cascading down the forehead which is perfect for festivals but is also sure to be a hit with our dreamy brides/bridal parties! Or even a holiday essential in place of jewellery.


This jewelled headpiece can be worn all together or as separate pieces for a more subtle festival glam look!

To top off this blog post we're also happy to announce that a few of our fave glitters from the Paradise Collection are now back in stock on the website...Shop Pink Pegasus and Iridescent Angel glitters by clicking the highlighted links.  

We can't wait to see your creations with the Waking Illusion collection, don't forget to tag us on social media for a chance to be featured! 
You can also head over to our Instagram to see how all of our talented dreamteam artists are using the new products and get some inspo ready for festival season✨✨

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