by Laura

Peace and love from Ibiza!   
Even in deepest darkest winter our hedonistic island parties on! The fiesta on all islanders lips in January is Flower Power San Antonio. Happy hippies as far as the eye can see painting the town psychedelic colours into the wee hours. 


The In Your Dreams Ibiza team were out in full force...spreading our dreamy vibes at the infamous festival. Manager Roisin used our Aztec face jewels to make a gorgeous gold hippie look, whilst Dreamer Katy went full floral with painted flowers and pearl embellishments finished off to sparkly perfection with our Silver Selene chunky face glitter to put the pow in power. 



Our dreamers payed homage to the hippie heritage Ibiza is proud of... plus any excuse to celebrate! It is widely believed that the hippie era in Ibiza history was responsible for San Francisco's Summer of Love. Travellers flocked to the island on the hippie trail to India; with many of them so enamoured with the magical island they decided not to continue their journey and stay put on Ibiza's shores. The hippies ideals perfectly aligned with the island's party God Bes' so really it's no wonder the magnetic Es Vedra pulled them in.  This free love and hedonism are of course what continues to bring party seeking holidaymakers to Ibiza to this day. 

Thus, we forgot the cold and got groovy alfresco; us hippies in our hoards hit the streets to spread the love. The various pavilions on the port parade decorated to the hilt with flowers and ban the bombs signs. 60's/70's music blaring out from bands and DJs; the highlight was the huge marquee at the fountains...filled to the rafters with peace and love.


   Image from Essential Ibiza

...and remember... ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (and glitter!) :) 
  Laura x