Festival Glitter Makeup

by Josie Moyce

Festival booked and festival outfits sorted, but there's one thing you still need to feel 100% festival ready...Festival Makeup! It's your time to shine babe and there is no such thing as too much glitter!

The glittery looks are endless, glitter your face, body and nails. On trend for 2019 use your glitter and apply it over your eyeshadow for unique festival eye makeup, or apply generously to the eyebrows for out of this world sparkle.

Check out some of our favourite festival glitter makeup looks using our top 5 chunky festival glitters: 

Gold Lileth | Chunky Cosmetic Glitter | Festival Glitter

A dreamy combination of gold holographic stars, diamonds, circles and glittery magical dust

Gold Lileth Festival Glitter Makeup

Iridescent Mermaid | Chunky Cosmetic Glitter | Festival Glitter

The Iridescent Mermaid Cosmetic Chunky Glitter is created for use on your face, body, nails and hair and includes a mixture of glittery iridescent shapes and fine glitter powder

Iridescent Mermaid Festival Glitter Makeup

Purple Unicorn | Chunky Cosmetic Glitter | Festival Glitter

This amazing chunky glitter contains a dreamy combination of sparkly purple, pink, blue and silver glitters mixed with amazing holographic flakes.

Purple Unicorn Festival Glitter Makeup

Silver Selene | Chunky Cosmetic Glitter | Festival Glitter

The Silver Selene chunky face glitter is made from a mixture of glittery holographic silver stars, diamonds, circles and silver glittery magical dust designed to make the face and body shine!

Silver Selene Festival Glitter Makeup

Rainbow Deity | Chunky Cosmetic Glitter | Festival Glitter

The Rainbow Deity cosmetic chunky glitter is made up from a playful range of colourful stars in gorgeous party colours.

Rainbow Deity Festival Glitter Makeup

Which one is your favourite? Check out our full range of Festival Glitters