Coachella Vibes

by Josie Moyce

Coachella is almost upon us (12-14th and 19th 21st April) and we're super excited to see the latest Bohemian style trends that emerge from the festival-goers and A-listers this year! Whether you're lucky enough to be heading to the festival or throwing your own Coachella Vibes party, we've got you covered with our All In One Body Gems, Face gems and Bio glitter! We even have three products that were designed with Coachella in mind and inspired by the Californian desert.

Coachella inspired Face Gems, Body Gems and Bio glitter

Golden Valley | All In One Body Jewels | Body Gems - £19.50

This intricate gold chest piece design is made with a mix of cascading gold, iridescent and pearlescent gems. This all in one, self-adhesive design is super easy to apply. Ready for you to create your own IN YOUR DREAMS Jewelled Chest piece look in seconds! Shop here

Golden Mirage | Bio Glitter | Biodegradable Glitter - £6.00

Golden Mirage is a multi-dimensional mix of gold, silver and sandy tones and is 100% biodegradable and made from renewable, non GM ingredients. The best bit...its just as colourful and sparkly as our standard glitters! Shop here

Desert Dusk | All In One Face Jewels | Face Gems - £9.50

The Desert Dusk All In One Face Jewel is an intricate jewelled headpiece design made up of gold, pearl and iridescent gems which cascade down the forehead. Inspired by festival sunsets, this product will make you shine! Shop here

To compliment the amazing three products above we've created an entire collection of our favourite bio glitters, face gems and body gems to get you Coachella ready!

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Looking for inspiration? Check our amazing photos from our Coachella collab with Island Tribe last year!