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We want to encourage people to express their creativity, embrace their beauty and lose their inhibitions.

From our humble beginnings on the UK festival scene as intricate body and face painters, we soon evolved into an embellishment and make up service adding sequins, gold leaf, bindis, gems and glitter to adorn the face and body.We started to design our our products inspired by the looks we were creating and the everyone loved them so we launched our first Embellished Eyelash Collection in 2012.

Since then we have designed and developed products including; Face Gems, Hair Chalks, Metallic Temporary Tattoos, Black Temporary Tattoos, UV/GLow in the Dark Temporary Tattoos, Eye Jewels, Nails Jewels, Jewelled Headpieces and Glitters!

In 2014, we launched in Ibiza to see what we could bring to the island and we haven't looked back!

We are currently launching a new range called The Mythical Collection taking inspiration from the legendary femme fatale figures of ancient mythology. The collection is set to dazzle this season with it’s offering of jewels, gems, and glitter created in celebration of the age-old power of feminine beauty and the mythical beasts and deities in whom this is embodied.


In Your Dreams did such a great job and the delivery is very polished and well organised, I am not surprised it has taken off – much deserved and we really wish you well for the future and also hope that we work together again also! Thank you for taking the time to work with us and create a wonderful bespoke experience for our guests.’  Sandra Ewart, VS Creative Ltd

 ‘Personally I loved the makeup artists and judging by the twinkly, glittery faces on all girls and boys around the office today, everyone else did too. My favourite was the full gold glitter beard on one of our senior management...’ Client email, Private Drama

‘I cant believe what they managed to produce in such little time. Very talented ladies.’ John Bagnall, Halewood Int


Beauty for the brave

Our mission is to break the mould in the beauty industry by bringing creativity to your makeup routine. We strive to set trends, create innovative products and inspire you to be who you want to be. 

IN YOUR DREAMS are the original beauty brand responsible for introducing festival cosmetics to your makeup bag. Founded by artists; detail and quality has always been their priority. 

They took inspiration from their humble beginnings as a makeup service from the UK festival scene, their innovative and intricate face and body paint designs made them stand out from the crowd, bringing people’s dreams into reality became their motivation. Over time their style developed into the beautiful products we see today. IN YOUR DREAMS recently launched a line of cruelty free and ingredient rich specifically crafted cosmetics, designed to be worn anytime and anywhere.

Our products are being worn by top celebrities and featured in the latest press. If you’re looking for inspiration be sure to check out our Get the Look section or browse our insta! This season get your hands on our brand new range of specially crafted cosmetics. The Waking Illusion Collection introduces our out of this world highlighters and pressed glitter balms.

We also offer a wide range of beauty services across the UK and Ibiza. You can find us at the hottest UK festivals, hire us for your wedding  or special event.

We combine the skills of illustrators, artists and MUAs to create intricate and innovative looks. All our gems are hand designed and developed by our in-house team with you in mind.


Happy Shopping Dreamers x .

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